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A wiki for all the characters, universes, and lore of the multiverse unlimited comics by Aspect Comics

About Multiverse UnlimitedEdit

Multiverse Unlimited is comic series created by Aspect Comics, originally written as web-comic by current CEO and founder of Aspect Industries Nevyn A. Tatum. The previously mentioned web-comic has since been taken down by the author, he founded Aspect Comics shortly afterward. He now employs 10 people with many comics, books, and scripts being written since. This wiki is dedicated to documenting the characters, and worlds they have & will have created.

A short summary stated by Nevyn A. Tatum on their website-

"My team and I, decided to create an expansive omniverse of comics. This is our dive into that Omniverse I say omniverse because the project takes place in a section of the multiverse known as the “Carros Expanse” this region consists of 6,500 different universes all with the basic universe stuff & life sustaining properties. Long ago in the Carros expanses history a race of beings known as “Kalarians” formed a group of people known as “The Sentinals” this group created technology that enabled them to travel throughout the multiverse with ease. Long story short they formed a “universe protection enforcement division” which you guessed it, defends the multiverse from big crimes like destruction of a universe, conquering entire universes, etc. They do not however protect universes or worlds from “petty” crimes such as genocide, murder, being taken over by any empire or entity, etc. Only the big life as they know it kinda stuff. Over thousands of years they amassed quite a lot of power and resources not mention new races from other travelers of the multiverse joining their ranks."

Latest activityEdit

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The First Comic Cover Conceptualized before Aspect Comics was founded

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